Jeff Holler

Director, A Purpose Bigger Than
In addition to being an author and speaker, Jeff Holler is also owner and founder of The Capital Chart Room LTD®. The Capital Chart Room’s clients are some of the most respected and successful entrepreneurs in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Business degree from Florida State University, is a Certified Financial Planner (1987), and is a member of several key associations and councils serving business owners and entrepreneurs.

Jeff leads adult Bible study classes, and he and his wife, Charlsey, support numerous church, civic, and charitable organizations. Jeff and Charlsey are the proud parents of two daughters and five grandchildren, and are also honored to be the U.S. mom and dad for two outstanding Rwandan Texas Christian University college students in the Bridge2Rwanda scholars program. Jeff is a triathlete and enjoys activities and time with family and friends, traveling with his wife, snow skiing, playing golf, and sailing. Jeff and Charlsey live in Fort Worth, Texas.